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New Discovery

Featuring: Red Vixen
Date: 11/01/2014
Duration: 21:22 min.
Meet a New Discovery and a new member of the Busty Wives of SCORE, joining club members Barbie Kelley, Shelby Gibson, Kelly Christiansen and other distinguished top-heavy ladies. Her name is Red Vixen. She's also a mom. How did Red come to decide to shoot for SCORE? First of all, she's married to a very liberal guy like all the guys that SCORE wives are married to. "My husband and I been together for 22 years, married for 18. I think over a year ago, when we were still living in New Mexico, my husband first contacted The SCORE Group, but I always just shrugged it off. I never took it seriously because my mind wasn't there and it wasn't until we moved to California that he contacted you again, and that's when he said, 'Let's take those test pictures they want,' so I gave in and did it, and I got approved. I'm kind of a procrastinator, but I'm glad I did it." In this first scene, Red chats with the cameraman, then puts on a show. Red and her husband find male sex partners for her at swingers' sites so she is not shy in the slightest. "A number of years ago, we both had this fantasy where I was with other men.

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