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Michelle Bond - Solo video
Michelle Bond is not in prison. It just looks like it for a few seconds. But she is in decorative chains. They attach her wrists to her neck. Michelle ambles over to a saucer of milk on the floor and gets on her hands and knees. She leans forward and licks it, then dips her big boobs into the saucer. She holds them up. Who would not want to lick off her fleshy globes? "Would you like to see me pour the milk all over my tits? Your wish is my command," Michelle says. She lifts the saucer and pours the milk all over her huge knockers. She lies back on a couch and rubs and spreads her pussy lips and clit. Michelle has brought along her not-so-little friend, a long, brown, prick-shaped dildo. She opens her legs a little more and begins working the dick into her box, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.
Featuring: Michelle Bond
Date: January 29th, 2013
Duration: 14:23

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