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Breast Intentions

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From: scoreland

Breast Intentions

Dirty-talking juggy dolls who speak with a British accent are always welcome at SCORELAND. Big-boobed Goldie Blair has a large pair she likes to share with English flair, and her fanny is not completely shaved bare of hair.

Goldie, formerly of Sussex and a long-time California resident, starts her naughty tale outside against a tree. She talks about some neighbors who like to watch her take her clothes off and spank her fuzzy-wuzzy. She goes inside the house and into the bedroom to rub her big 32G tits and play with her juicy box.

"I've always been an exhibitionist," says Goldie. "I work out with a BowFlex and an elliptical, and wrestling helps too. Have to keep in shape, you know." And it shows, Goldie. Just for the record, we've asked Goldie to shoot a few hot hardcore scenes but she plays hard to get. Read More »
Featuring: Goldie Blair
Date: January 26th, 2020
Duration: 10:26

Member Comments

loved this scene and that sexy british accent I hope she does some hardcore scene next

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