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Valentine Vixen

Featuring: Demmi Valentine
Date: 10/30/2014
Duration: 15:12 min.
It's cool pool time before a hot time with bikini-clad Demmi Valentine. Demmi checks out the water and it's just right for making her nipples hard. She takes off her top to get a better grip and squeezes her big boobs and pulls her stiff nipples. Demmi exits the water and heads into the house so she can drop her panties and fap her clit and pink poonani in private, without the risk of nosy neighbors' prying eyes. She spreads out on the floor, ready to ride the magic train to cum-city. There's no toy around but her talented fingers will do the trick. Demmi spanks it fast in different positions, in doggie and on her back, her pussy making that squish-squish sound a wet pussy makes when it's getting rubbed out. "I masturbate every night before I go to sleep," says Demmi, giving her nips a lick. "It's so relaxing and helps me sleep better.".
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