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The Farmer's Busty Daughter

Featuring: Roxanne Miller
Date: 08/06/2015
Duration: 21:20 min.
This is the kind of farmer's daughter you find at XL Girls. A gal who blows out her bras. A babe who's busty and brainy. A girl with deep thoughts. She writes, blogs, shoots pictures, DJs, models and cams, combining everything she does into one mixture, blending erotica with poetry, psychology, photography, academics, art and theater. Roxanne, how were you discovered? "I joined the breast expansion forum and after a while I received on Myfreecams, an email that seemed both official and a bit weird at the beginning. This was in 2012. I thought, 'Look at all the contact information and stuff, it has to be real.' So I answered and the next month the SCORE team was in Romania shooting me. They enjoyed zacuscă, a Romanian dish I introduced them to. "I actually saw the site two years before shooting.
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