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Wonder Kitty

Featuring: Kitty McPherson
Date: 08/24/2015
Duration: 16:00 min.
Hello, Kitty! Ready for Comic Con or to motorboat some evil mastermind, Kitty McPherson reveals her super powers in full super costume. Of course, if you've been enjoying Kitty at XL Girls, you've already seen her orgasmic skills and talents, the power to create rigid erections and to get guys to give up their man-sauce faster than a speeding bullet. What hush-hush juicy details will Kitty reveal about herself without giving up her secret identity? "Believe it or not, I don't like being eaten out," says Kitty. I like being fingered. I like giving oral more than receiving. I fucked a guy with a strap-on. I identify as queer. I'm attracted to people of all genders. I've had sex with girls. I don't think of it as different from sex with guys.
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