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Tits & Jugs

Featuring: Larissa Linn
Date: 12/25/2015
Duration: 10:42 min.
Larissa Linn says she wants to be the boss while she squeezes her big boobs together. Her twin peaks look ready to pop out. Larissa stands on the stone steps of an old country house and slowly peels out of her mistress outfit to reveal her perfect body. Lifting a big jug of water, Larissa pours it all over her chest, and you can see in her face that that water is nipple-erecting cold! "When my nipples are excited, I get very horny," says Larissa. "So when a guy licks my nipples, I want more. Pouring the cold water on me was like a guy with ice cream in his mouth sucking my nipples." "Sometimes I am asked if I believe in sex on the first date. I don't because I need to know more about a man and his character. I want to see if he is confident and strong, a leader. Such a man I will follow and get to know better.".
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